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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Spaghetti and Pinkberries

Another week, another R&B comes to a semi-successful conclusion. Thanks for the many answers and updates. We appreciate it. Please email your questions for next week to us at Also, digital and cameraphone pics are always welcome.

1) Hollywood: Lots of development in one area. In regards to the Old Spaghetti Factory et al., a reader answers: "The South Group is still developing the Spaghetti factory site, but word is that it has been put on the slow track... Palladium deal is dead - Combined properties fell out of escrow. However, they are still apparently moving forward on the CBS Square deal - plan sounds like they will preserve and reuse the historic CBS square building and build a new tower on the rear parking lot. Nickelodeon is moving forward last I heard with Essex as the developer, but they are facing a fight with preservationists over the theater, so this will probably take some time." AND another reader has some comfirming and alternative info: "Old Spaghetti was bought by Gerding/Edlen. It takes close to two years to get things entitled so don't look for construction to start anytime soon... CBS was bought by Pacific Properties/ Apollo... Palladium is still available.... Nickelodeon was bought by Essex."

2) West LA: Unless we missed a reader email, we have nothing to say on the County property. Sooorrry.

3) Larchmont: Pinkberries appear to be coming out of their long dormant phase all over the City and metro area and emerging as yogurty goodness. Westwood! Studio City! Pasadena! Downtown! El Segundo! Culver City! As for the Larchmont store, could there be anything better than a cameraphone pic of construction on said store? A reader says: "they are opening on Monday. I asked the owner yesterday."

Sorry we couldn't answer each and every question this week, but really it's not our fault. More questions for next Tuesday please!