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Olympic Update: LA "Uninteresting"?

We turn to Chicago for news on Los Angeles. Specifically CBS 2 in Chicago, where we get the latest news on the race for the 2016 Olympiad. If you've been following the saga, three US cities- Chicago, San Francisco and LA- are vying to be the US candidate to host the Olympics. Things are coming apart for San Francisco following the announced departure of the 49ers due to a lack of stadium. What fools! But some still feel this is a race between Chi-Town and the Bay Area. We disagree. Via CBS2:

The three potential host cities are refining their presentations. The Olympic Committee has said all three have a real shot at getting the international votes necessary for landing the games, although some experts have said Chicago needs to change its image. Website publisher Ed Hula offers inside information that Los Angeles is viewed by some as "uninteresting;" San Francisco "romantic," with Chicago promising the "most compact" games.

Hula says Chicago and San Francisco "may battle it out" for the nod.

Chicago Olympic Committee Chairman Pat Ryan says Chicago isn't worried about its two California rivals.

Be worried, ass. We will crush you, Chicago. And then we will laugh in your polish sausage face. We may forever fail to lure an NFL team to the City, but we know how to win Olympic games.
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