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CurbedWire: It's all about food

Restaurants: A reader links us up to a blurb in the LA Times identifying the opening date of Mozza as Tuesday 11/14. And the news of a totally not-funny sausage thief: "Late on Oct. 28, someone broke into the restaurant and walked away with $700 of hand-crafted cured meats made by Batali's father, Armandino, at his Seattle business, Salumi. Then just two days later, a 13-pound imported Italian mortadella sausage also disappeared."

Retail: Pinkberry news abounds after yesterday's R&B question on the Larchmont store. One reader emails: "FYI - Pinkberry now open in Studio City... located in the Laurel Plaza shopping center at Ventura and Laurel, where DuPars and Trader Joe's are also located. Owner says they've been open 10 days." AND another reader says: "Pinkberry: Again with the Hikari Apts. Pinkberry will be part of the ground floor retail at Hikari in Little Tokyo early next year! bad news for floire yogurt."

Restaurant: LosAnjealous visits the uWink restaurant in the newly refabulous Westfield Topanga mall. In the process they meet Nolan Bushnell of Atari/ Chuck-E-Cheese fame. The food looks hella tasty and the gaming looks primitive, but just enough to keep us hypnotized for a few hours.