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Supperclub in Hollywood Upsets Prudes

Now that the Democrats are in control of Congress again and all the Republicans are turning out to be gay hypocrites, we can all celebrate once again. And what better way to celebrate than with a massage and dinner in Hollywood. Prohibition is over kiddies! An emailer informs us of some tasty happenings in H'wood:

It involves the long-shuttered Vogue Theater on Hollywood Boulevard, which hasn't screened movies in who knows how long and was last used from 1997 to 2001 by an outfit named Ghost Expeditions which allegedly cleared the place of its supernatural spirits. Now something even weirder is proposed for the site: a dinner theater. But this ain't your dad's dinner theater or even Elizabeth Whatshername's Curtain Call Theater in Tustin. It's more like your weird hipster cousin's dinner theater.

An outfit by the name of Supperclub (, which already has outposts in San Francisco, Amsterdam and Rome, wants to come to Hollywood. They describe themselves as a high-end restaurant offering two evening avant-garde theatrical performances. In their own words it's a place where "patrons can enjoy the creative arts in a theatrical environment that stimulates all the senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch."

They described their plans for the décor inside, which include an all white room and beds.

The Planning Department will hold a hearing tomorrow (11/9) on their request for a conditional use permit for a full liquor license in conjunction with a 17,852 square-foot restaurant theater with 507 seats having live entertainment, public dancing and theatrical massage.

No definition has been given for theatrical massage, although the possibilities are mind-boggling. When the Supperclub people made a presentation to the local Hollywood neighborhood council last night, the stakeholders in attendance jumped to conclusions and expressed their worries that the combination of theatrical massage and beds would result in...yep, you guessed it, sex.

No, no, the Supperclub people protested to no avail, that was not their intent at all. What they want to do is offer people willing to pay for it an arty-farty evening.

You just can't make this shit up.

Thanks for the info!