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CurbedWire: Work Begins at The Pit

(rendering via Larchmont Chronicle)

Retail: Mahamondo passes on more tips on upcoming retailer openings. " the Brentwood Country Mart on 26th St: Turpan : Modern general store and James Perse: LA T-shirt King. They join City Bakery, Calypso, Apt. # 9 to make this look like the Hamptons West. This is now a draw for the real low key "A"listers."

Development: "The Pit" is finally getting developed, says the Larchmont Chronicle. Please everyone write this down to save ourselves from future Rumblings & Bumblings questions. "The Pit" will be known as 5600 Wilshire and will be developed as a multi-story, streamline moderne style, mixed use building by BRE. Everyone will love it and one day grandparents will tell their grandchildren about The Pit.

Development: Good news for those of you awaiting your W Hotel and condos at Hollywood & Vine. Development appearsto be moving along swimmingly. A reader reports the following: "Overheard expeditor pushing thru application for conditional use permit for liquor license for 60,000 sq. ft retail space, which is to be a restaurant and for exception from some of the signage regulations in the Holloywood specific plan..." It's only a matter of time before that intersection is complete gridlock.