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Rumblings & Bumblings: Ripened Berries in Larchmont

Thanks for the interesting questions this week. Don't forget to vote today. And brush your teeth. Seriously. Brush them. Please email your answers for these fine questions to us at

(picture credit: flickr user gunga din)

1) Hollywood: We think we read the Old Spaghetti Factory was saved. Not sure on the rest. A reader queries: "A lot of rumors were floating around a few months ago about the destruction of the Old Spaghetti Factory, the Palladium, the Nickelodeon Building, and the CBS building. I haven't seen any construction yet -- any idea if these plans are still going forward, or whether the developers got cold feet given the current trends in the real estate market?"

2) West LA: Nothing should happen anywhere in West LA due to the sucky traffic. Yet a reader asks: "LA County owns prime real estate on Pico Blvd and Veteran in WLA. It has sat vacant and derelict for several years. The building and its parking structure were heavily damaged during the Northridge earthquake. What are they doing with the building and property? It is deteriorating and become an eyesore. Anyone know what they're plans are for the place? There was some talk that it would be senior housing, but no one knows."

3) Larchmont: Okay, we lost track.So the WeHo and Koreatown Pinkberry's are open, but is that it? A reader asks about the Larchmont store. "What is taking Pinkberry so long to expand its business? Its not for lack of demand but perhaps lack of funds? For as long as I can remember - perhaps in the last year or so - there has been wooden scaffolding covering its planned Larchmont location with a sign touting Pinkberry's imminent arrival... however, as I drove by today, the sign has been taken down. Did it fall down or perhaps did Pinkberry remove it? Is Pinkberry still coming to Larchmont?"