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The Amusement Park Gods Taketh, and Then Giveth

Over the summer we noted that Six Flags had put Magic Mountain, along with five other parks, up for sale. Earlier this month, the LA Times reported initial bids were lowballing Six Flags, because of that pesky Magic Mountain, with all of its regulatory and environmental restrictions. So it looks likely that regardless of who winds up buying Magic Mountain, the park will remain open. Good news? Well, don't pop up that celebratory champagne yet (what? you don't swill champagne everytime you hear that landmarks like Foghorn Leghorn's Barn and Railway might be saved?). Today the LA Times seems to suggest that Magic Mountain may indeed be sold, shut down, and the land cleared for housing. If that thought depresses you, take comfort in knowing Garden Grove may soon have its very own theme park. In a remarkable case of theme park karma, despite sketchy details, it looks like Korean and Hong Kong-based investors are willing to pour about $8 billion into a town known until now, for its strawberry festival. And if we lose the psyclone at Magic Mountain, here is what you may be able to look forward to in Garden Grove:

The council has heard plans of building a replica of London Bridge across a faux river, a music-themed entertainment complex called Riverwalk, a cultural center dedicated to the late King Hussein of Jordan, a Las Vegas-style-casino and, most recently, an NFL stadium. We're sure the kiddies won't miss Pepe Le Pew's tea party one bit once they get a chance to visit King Hussein's cultural center. Not a bit.
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