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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Green Gas

Two questions answered. We think some other questions were added and asked over the week, too. If you have a question or comment please email us at We'll do this again Tuesday.

1) West LA: Olympic/La Cienega or Robertson/Olympic. Honestly, we have no idea what's going on most of the time, so please excuse that error. The Thrifty station in question elicits this reponse. "The lot at Olympic and Robertson (not La Cienega) is being turned into a "Green" Gas Station for British Petroleum. The project being designed by Boston based architecture firm Office dA under the guidance of BP's advertising agency to do some ecological PR repair for the energy company." The commenters also spill what they know about the empty lot at La Cienega and Olympic. Seriously, read the comments from Tuesday's post.

2) West Hollywood: By email and comments, several of you confirmed the development at Holloway and Hacienda is the Palihouse project. An emailer says: "...for once I know the answer to one of your questions (though swear it's been asked & answered before). It's going to be the first PaliHouse by Palisades Development Group. For the person asking, it will actually be a little of both: it will be residential hotel & condos." Indeed we did discuss said project way back in the FIRST EVER edition of R&B. How time flies.