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Curbed LA: The Miscellaneous Stuff

Real Estate: A frequent reader lets us know that the Hikari Apartments (pictured) in Little Tokyo are now showing with move-ins starting December 15th. The web site boasts "the sleekest, most stylish luxury rentals you've ever seen." We've seen a lot of luxury rentals, so this could truly be a tall order. However, for those of you interested in interactive architecture (see the Met Lofts), Hikari claims to reflect the shadows and movement of street life onto the building's exterior through some sort of light trickery. From Craigslist: $2300 for a 2 bedroom or $1700 for a 1 bedroom.

Retail: Last week we stumbled into that sweet shoe store next to the Orange22 space on 4th street, Downtown. Good times, but we didn't buy any vintage sneaks. What's the name of that place anyways, we saw no signage. Yesterday, Mahamondo reported that Larchmont can expect to receive its own new hard-to-find shoe store when Legion Los Angeles opens sometime before Thanksgiving. Legion LA comes from the same people who brought you Silver Lake's Kicks SoleProvider.

Condo Conversions: In a bit of Curbed Mailbag, we post this from an emailer: "Mark and Lee Egerman, the ex-mayor of Beverly Hills and son are in the process of evicting tenants from 10830-40 Lindbrook in Westwood for a condo conversion................

Maybe J. Williams would be interested in covering this as a follow-up to the
Garcetti interview." We can assure you, J. Williams certainly has neither the motivation nor intellectual curiosity to cover this. However, thank you for noticing our Garcetti interview.