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Red and Gold Lines Stuck in Political Mud

(image via Westways)

County Supervisor Mike Antonovich has made our list. Once you're on the list, there's no getting off. Prime Example: Jack Weiss. Mr. Antonovich has come out against development of the Purple Line aka Red Line Extension aka Subway to the Sea, citing his own belief that the subway would actually create a worse traffic situation in LA by taking away funding from other projects. Sure, that sort of makes sense in bizarro world, but then this from a weekend story in the LA Times alludes to his actual motivation:

County Supervisor (and MTA board member) Michael Antonovich... is a fierce opponent of extending the Red Line subway along Wilshire Boulevard, preferring projects of far lower public value, such as an extension of the Gold Line to the San Gabriel Valley, which would benefit his own constituents. Ah-ha! But there's also one of those pathetic political battles in the background. Last week, County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, whose constituents would benefit from a Red Line extension, spoke out against the expansion of the Gold Line to the SGV saying "that the Gold Line extension is redundant because Metrolink already serves that corridor." Ughh. So this is just a pissing match to see who can derail the other Supervisor's rail line? Screw it, let's just build a monorail.
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