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Port Traffic Got You Down? MagLev It!

Technology continues to wow us and woo us. The Life on the Edge blog links up to a story in the LA Times about the potential of using maglev technology to move freight out of the port, thereby reducing the number of trucks on the crowded 710 freeway. We're pretty sure we ridiculed this idea before, but don't let our critical eye get in the way of floating magnetic freight systems. Via the Times:

Adapted for freight, researchers say, maglev trains could do the work of thousands of trucks and conventional locomotives, cutting harmful emissions in the port area and alleviating congestion on rail and highway corridors that serve the nation's largest harbor complex. "If we are going to get serious about cleaning up the port, we need to bring electric power into the transportation system. We need to be emission free if we are going to grow," said S. David Freeman, president of the Los Angeles Harbor Commission. "Maglev is one of several options we are looking at. It has a lot going for it."

A series of maglev lines are being studied with the cost to build said lines ranging between $575 million and $8.5 billion. Of course the benefit to all of us would be a reduction in cancerous and asthma inducing pollution generated by our ports. Tough decisions.
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