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Rumblings & Bumblings: Thrifty

We had a good holiday and we hope you did as well. While relaxing over the long holiday weekend we actually received a few questions delivered to us in person by friends and family, which is a mistake because we always forget what people ask us. So in lieu of those questions we have some reader submitted q's from our inbox. If you have questions or answers please email us at

1) West LA: A frequent reader says: "What's being built on the site of the Thrifty Gas Station at Olympic & La Cienega. And is the vacant lot across the street another construction site or just a staging area for the construction at the Thrifty site.

2) West Hollywood: And a fine question from a drunkard. "When i was stumbling out of barney's beanery the other night, I noticed that the residential building on Holloway at Hacienda is only a few months away from completion. Are the units apartment or condo? and is there anything on the ground floor?"

Answers posted officially on Thursday.