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Happy Cyber Monday

Welcome back. We're glad that nothing important happened while we were away. Via our efforts to assist you in your online holiday shopping on the busiest online shopping day of the year, we've identified the following good buys sure to impress the recipients on your gift list. Throughout the holiday season, if we see something of value related to architecture, design, urbanity or Los Angeles we'll post about it.

Books: Frank Lloyd Wright and his merry band of architects, known as the Taliesin Fellowship, were quite gay. Ok, not FLW, but his young apprentices apparently were. In a new book, The Fellowship: the Untold Story of Frank Lloyd Wright and the Taliesin Fellowship [$$ 23.07 on], the authors say Wright's young assistants "ranged from sexual predators to doe-eyed innocents yearning to be exploited for the cause of Architecture." Much like the writers of Curbed. [Towleroad]

Furniture: When Treehugger gives their stamp of approval to a product, we listen. Such is the case with Los Angeles based furniture maker Samuel Moyer. Samuel Moyer Furniture takes old wood and makes it new again (insert Viagra joke here). Purchases can be made online, and you'll have the satisfaction of buying local. According to the company's web site, Moyer states his easy to remember motto: “Surplus lumber from restoration projects has been a primary source of material and inspiration for me.” [Treehugger]