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Does Caltrans Need a Compass?

A reader with a better sense of direction than Caltrans, a digital camera (if you thought drivers on their cell phones are dangerous, try to point and shoot while doing 55 on the 10), and an aesthetic appreciation for highway signs writes in with this disturbing news:

If you or your family's travels takes you through Downtown this weekend beware!

Here is a picture of the Westbound Santa Monica Freeway (I-10) transition to the Harbor Freeway (I-110 and CA-110) in downtown Los Angeles. You can see how the sign says South towards Downtown when it is obviously supposed to be North. Who approves these things???

Mind you the signs for each ramp are separate...I don't understand how the Caltrans crew actually received the sign, inspected it, and actually installed it.

I have also attached a picture of the signs in advance of the intersection. This is an original sign with the correct directions. Does anyone else prefer the darker green signs to the newer ones?

After the jump, better signage.