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CurbedWire: Hollywood Blvd Shutdown

(image via Philadelphia Weekly)

Traffic: Thanks to the always informative Tom Labonge Newsletter we can happily report to you on the upcoming traffic clusterfuck set to hit Hollywood in the pre-Thanksgiving euphoria. Hollywood Boulevard will be closed between Highland and Orange from approximately 9 PM Tuesday, 11/21/06 until 6 AM Thursday 11/23/06 (Thanksgiving Day). Apparently, The Jimmy Kimmel Show will be holding an outdoor concert in front of the El Capitan Theater to mark the return of Jay-Z from his brief retirement.

Restaurant: Color us horrified. Josh of emailed us a link to a story on the just resolved trademark case of Zankou Chicken. From Beirut to Hollywood, the story of Zankou Chicken involves family bickering, murderous matricide, and bitter court feuds, all smothered in a tasty garlic sauce. We'll never eat Zankou the same way again.