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CurbedWire Bonus: Restaurants, Retail and More

We already posted a CurbedWire this morning, but our inboxes are flooded with pre-Thanksgiivng goodness, we just had to share. Don't you people have some cooking to do or something? Anyway, we are just chock full of holiday cheer today, as we report (mostly) good news:

Restaurants: Matsuhisa isn't closing after all. Reports that the restaurant would close after Nobu opened in the space currently occupied by L'Orangerie seem to be false. Eating LA reports Matsuhisa will remain open even after Nobu debuts in LA. And Pat Saperstein even acted like a real reporter, calling the restaurant for confirmation. We still prefer hearsay.

Retail: Burbank is getting a Loehmann's. The retailer (and one of our favorite sources for discount designer denim) has signed a lease for 25,000 sf at the Burbank Town Center at the corner of Burbank and San Fernando boulevards. The store is expected to open this spring.

Housing: A resident of Beverly Grove writes in to let us know the LA City Council approved an interim control ordinance for the neighborhood. "This is a stop gap measure to limit new home sizes in our neighborhood." We'll let you debate the merits of the ICO in the comments.