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Harrison Ford's Hands On Home

In the Sunday Times, Ruth Ryon reports on the former Harrison Ford home which has gone on sale in the Hollywood Hills. The home features 3 bedroom and 3.5 baths and was originally constructed as a Forest Service lookout. The home also garners mention by the foreign press, who in a spit of garbled English manage to make a slightly interesting real estate piece in to so much more. From

"A house in Los Angeles where most of the woodwork has been done by actor Harrison Ford, has been placed on the market. The 'Star Wars' actor had himself screwed and hammered in many of the fixtures and fittings in the three-bedroom Hollywood Hills home."

Please, everyone brace yourself for the deluge of Princess Leah/Chewbaca/Han Solo fan-fiction seeking Internet freaks to be overrunning this site soon.
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