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Say Hello to My Little $30 Million Friend

Forbes (via Luxist) reports that the El Fureidis Estate, where parts of Scarface was filmed, is for sale for $37.5 million (although the New York Post has pegged the listing price at $29 million. Sotheby's listing comes closer to the Post. We have no idea why there is an $8 million discrepancy among the various press mentions.) In case you were considering purchasing the Montecito estate, the listing provides some historical and architectural detail:

The first major estate established in Montecito was constructed in 1906 by NY businessman James W. Gillespie and designed by renowned architect, Bertram Goodhue. The Classic style home measures approximately 10,000 sq ft, including elements of the El Hambra [sic.] and classic Greek styling along with Persian reflecting pools and dramatic water staircase. Approx 10.39 ac with additional 4.11 ac available. 4.11 acreage cannot be sold without main estate.
After the jump, more pictures of Scarface's humble abode, author Thomas Mann's former estate and wedding spot of Charlie Chaplin and Oona O'Neill. How's that for celebrity pedigree?