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Buy the Golden Boy's Big Bear Retreat

We're looking a little farther than the immediate environs of LA today to find the most interesting real estate listings. First, Montecito, now we head east to Big Bear. The Wall Street Journal reports Oscar de la Hoya's mountain retreat and training facility is for sale for $2.5 million. Apparently Oscar is no pretty boy jock, either. He studied architecture before becoming a boxer and helped design some of the log buildings himself. He should be hanging out with Brad Pitt and Hayden Christenson, except his appreciates, well, logs as a building material. We're having a hard time picturing Brad enjoying this rustic splendor. Anyway, the estate includes

a 3,900-square-foot one-bedroom main house and a 3,262-square-foot three-bedroom guest house. A four-car garage, which Mr. De La Hoya used as a gym, has a steam room, office and murals that depict significant moments in the boxer's career, beginning with his gold medal at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain. The property also has a stream with a footbridge and a putting green. After the jump, so much wood. So, so much wood.