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What a morning!

We're not cribbing from Martini Republic who has a similar headline, but indeed it has been a good newsy morning in Los Angeles. First, the smog over the Valley (pictured) is thick enough to eat with a spoon. Mmm, mmm, good.

Then comes the disasterous news that the Grand Avenue project is off schedule and over budget. Who put Tutor Saliba in charge?? Ha. Just kidding. No lawsuits. The LA Times reports this morning: "...the developers [say] the project "is not economically feasible" without tax breaks from the city, according to documents obtained Thursday." The problems at Grand Avenue seem to hold wider implications for the slowdown in Downtown development.

Lastly, today is the release of the Play Station 3. Across the country it's a mangle of shootings and fights. This AM, CBS2 was showing film of a fight in West Covina and of riot-level police response at Westfield Topanga. As we drove by the mall at 8:30 AM, the crowds and police had dissappeared but the news vans were still parked.
· $2-billion downtown overhaul in the red [LA Times]
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