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Hill House or Heal House

We were reading our Italian architecture magazines last night, as we do every Wednesday evening, when we came across a featurette on Hill House in the Pacific Palisades, designed by local architectural firm Johnston Marklee. As simpletons, we say this house looks pretty cool. For those of you who understand archi-speak, Interni says this:

...a home on three levels that makes the best possible use of current standards and volumetric possibilities, following the natural slope of the terrain with a volume that is wedged into the ground. A forceful geometric form that counters the recent fashion of the formless and of the ‘architectural blob’, in a return to Euclidean experimentation taken to new compositional potential. Word. Architectural Record also has a featurette on the house from January and the Chicago Tribune just did a story on the home as well, noting that Hill House owner Chan Luu has renamed the home Heal House "because of its healing effects."
· Hill House [Interni]