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Reverse Psychology in Holmby Hills

So what do you do when your house hasn't sold after 848 days on the market? Why you raise the price by $5 million of course. Screw the market, this house has taken statistical outlier to a whole new level. Featuring 27,816 sq. ft. on a 1.2 acre lot, this mansion (yes, an actual mansion) features 6 bedrooms and 11 full baths. It also features indoor and outdoor pools, a wine cellar, an elevator and a Holmby Hills address. Is the price increase a sign of a rebounding market? Or perhaps the sign of a delusional home owner and spineless realtor? Hmmm.
Price Increased: 11/11/06 -- $22,000,000 to $27,500,000
· 330 S MAPLETON DR, Bel Air - Holmby Hills, CA 90024 [Zip Realty]