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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses:

Thanks for your answers. Sorry we don't know more facts about stuff. Please continue to send us your questions for our next installment.

1) Mar Vista: The unstoppable Pete takes in a taco and answers the mystery of the development at Centinella and Gilmore. "OK, I was at #1 tonight and it's looking like a small two- or three-story commercial or mixed-use building with what appear to be huge setbacks. The fact that the structural members are steel, not wood, indicates that it's to a higher seismic specification, perhaps indicating a condominium component. I do find it odd that there isn't subterranean parking, but that might have something to do with it being in a liquefaction zone (per ZIMAS)."

2) Marina del Rey: Trevor, ever so clever, in the comments says: "...the admiralty way/palawan construction is replacing the old admiralty apartments. it's going to be a mixed-use (shocker, eh?) with four levels of apartments over retail and parking. but for some reason, i'm having trouble locating the specific plans i saw months ago. check out for a VERY brief description. i know there's more out there somewhere." We looked and couldn't find a rendering. Completion date is 12/30/2007.

3) Arcadia: Thanks to the readership for providing a definitive answer to the opening and operations of the H&M at the Santa Anita mall. The store will open December 14th, and it will have men's clothing. And you'll be able to eat at the Cheesecake Factory after you buy your clothes.

4) Runyon Canyon: Okay, the question about what is going on at the top of Runyon Canyon is really gnawing at us. We can't believe nobody is sharing. We hate you for not loving us more.

Updates, questions, and comments welcome. No R&B next week due to holidaze.