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Grazier Green House: For Sale or Not For Sale?

We might be a little late referencing this LA Times Hot Property column from last weekend, but time is on our side. According to the article, uber-producer Brian Grazier and his writer wife Gigi put their Pacific Palisades home on the market after the couple reconciled. Then, they rethought that move and unlisted the property. Or so says the LA Times. More than a week later, the property is still listed at its $27.5 million asking price. While that price tags gets you a 3-acre "compound" with 8 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a screening room, two offices, billiards room, art studio and gym, with your requisite Hollywood pedigree: Cliff May designed it and Gregory Peck owned it. Yet our favorite feature: the green roof. Look closely, friends. That guest house is actually built into the hillside, with a grass roof. We wouldn't want to part with that either, even for $27.5 million.