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Update: Lowe's Gives Wood to San Vicente/Pico

We're glad to report a happy ending at the corner of San Vicente/Pico. The kind of happy ending where one can go to the corner store, pick up some lumber and paint, buy a new pair of sneaks and a bitter cup of brew, bring it home and build a shelf for your collectables and knick knacks. In a follow-up to a previous Rumblings & Bumblings question, an emailer gives us the news on what's happening at the corner.

Just got a call from one of the neighbors last night. Lowes has signed! Very happy, as there are no other Lowes anywhere around here. (Closest one is in Burbank.) Neighbor said he got this straight from the developer, who is on the verge of signing the other anchor who he claims is "really good" but wouldn't reveal who until they actually sign. Part of the problem is that many of these "big box" retailers want to own the land they build on, but the city of Los Angeles won't sell the parcel -- they will only offer a 99 year lease. That was a problem for Target (who was rumoured to come but never signed) , but Lowe's was able to work with the city's terms. Also, in addition to the Starbucks, Wells Fargo and Panda Express coming in on the West side of the development (by the bus depot), Footlocker now has up a sign. (I believe that leaves only 2 stores to be filled at that end.)

You may recall we received word that Lowe's had signed-on back in September (Item 5). We'll consider today's news, the official confirmation. The bigger news could be the surprise tenant, yet to be announced. Could Trader Joes still be in the picture?