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Rumblings & Bumblings: Construction Happens

Four questions this week. Only one involves H&M. The rest involve some of our favorite places. The Marina. Runyon Canyon. Mar Vista. Good times. Please write your answers on an 8 1/2 by 11 card, fold neatly and place in a secure place. Then early Thursday morning, transcribe said card to your email software and send to us at Dispose of the card in your trash basket. See you Thursday.

(image via flickr user superfamous)

1) Mar Vista: Hmmm... this question has lots of clues. "Construction is underway at 4533 Centinela @ Gilmore in Mar Vista, does anyone know what's going in? Looks like it's a Schutz Haight project with financing by Dave Johnson Vineyard."

2) Marina del Rey: The questioner from above has a second question. "The old hotel next to the Marriot in the Marina is long gone and construction is underway on something new, anyone know what it is? It's on Admiralty between the Marriot & Palawan Way."

3) Arcadia: We got some retail-ish questions this week. Believe you us, we have no idea when anything opens or if Mozza does take-out (we believe it does). Here's one we'll share: "With all of the H&M-ania, I'm wondering what the status of the H&M going into the Westfield Santa Anita (Arcadia) is. My partner was there last week and said he saw a sign on the H&M-to-be that said "Coming Fall 2006." Well, it's Fall 2006 - any word? Any ideas? (Also: any word if it'll include menswear? The fact that the Pasadena H&M doesn't is intensely annoying.)"

4) Runyon Canyon: We know the parking lot is going into the bottom of Runyon, but what's going on at the top? "Wot up on top of Runyon? Lots of activity next to the Wright-designed (son that is) place up there, and lots of those orange stakes in the ground around the hill marking out easements and property lines. Are they putting in a pool or beginning some major construction?"

Thanks for your questions this week. If we missed a question, which has happened, please email it to us again.