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CA Boom: We Look At Houses

Saturday afternoon we joined Curbed co-editor Cary for CA Boom's Fall 2006 Design and Architecture tour, which promised to wow us with homes in the Mt. Washington area. Early on, we agreed not to make fun of midget beds and flat screen TVs with wires hanging out of the bottom - although we saw both. The modern homes on the tour sat on hillsides with amazing views of the City and for the most part were designed to incorporate outdoor space into the house floorplan.

We agreed our favorite home was the Schmalix Residence designed by Fung+Blatt Architects (pictured above). The wild art of owner Hubert Schmalix decorates the multi-level house, and a wing of the home features Schmalix's studio. Good stuff all around. Pictures after the jump.
1. Marble Residence by Marble Architecture:

2. VillaCasa by Space International Inc

3. Panel House by Bestor Architecture