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BataliWatch 06: Tick Tock, Tick Tock

The blessed day is almost upon us, with Mozza scheduled to finally open tomorrow. We haven't been this excited since a certain discount retailer swooped into town to steal our hearts. And local food bloggers have already whipped themselves into a frenzy, with raptuous reviews bordering on near-religious, maniacal devotion: "Good can't even begin to describe it. I must warn you- if you get annoyed by raving restaurant reviews, stop reading now because it's all love from me, baby." With all the hype, we can already feel the inevitable sense of disappointment setting in, coupled with an inability to believe LA is capable of producing a great pizza. Mario and Nancy, you have already broken our hearts and we haven't even sampled our first margherita.
· Restaurant review: MOZZA [Tuna Toast]