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And Now A Koenig Goes on the Block

So last week, near the end part, we gave you an Eichler house and a Neutra office. Today, courtesy of Architectural Record, we give you the opportunity to own Pierre Koenig's Case Study House No. 21.

Koenig’s No. 21, also known as the Bailey House, is a minimalist classic consisting of a sublime, open-plan steel-and-glass structure that Koenig built in the late ’50s for $20,000. Surrounded by five reflecting pools that cast a continuously dappling light into the interior, the residence has two bedrooms, a central court, a carport, and a water-cooled roof. The home, a landmark really, is located at 9038 Wonderland Park Avenue in the Hollywood Hills and contains approximately 1,320 sq. ft. of floor space. The home will be going on the auction block this December with an opening bid of $2.5 million. Start saving those pennies now. (image via USC Koenig Image Archive)
· Koenig’s Case Study House No. 21 To Be Sold at Auction [Architectural Record]