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CurbedWire: Kid Robot and Options

Housing: So the tug-o-war between readers regarding the financial health of KB Homes continues. Today, comes another bust-up for the struggling or not-really-struggling (depending on your opinion) home builder. The LA Business Journal reports that KB Chief Executive Bruce Kratz has retired after an internal investigation found "errors in the company's accounting of stock option grants." What's next for KB Homes? Probably a new Chief Executive. That we're sure of.

Retail: Unbeige reports on the opening of KidRobot on Melrose last Thursday. Just a few miles away from the kids lining up at the Bev Center for some H&M, there were kids lining up outside the KidRobot store for some collectible toys and clothing. The kids these day will line up for anything. The new KidRobot store appears to have survived its move from the Third Street Promenade and we look forward to visiting soon.

Development: Yeah, so we don't know how many of you caught that story in this weekend's Daily News on the misery and black clouds that will follow the construction of the Grand Avenue project. It was pretty entertaining stuff. In addition to worsening traffic and overwhelming police, the project will also widen the gap between rich and poor and threaten the habitat of migrating birds. Nice job, Frank Gehry. We expect to find Daryl Hannah perched in a tree outside the county courthouse fairly soon.