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It's Down to Two; Becks and Posh Update

Interesting news abounds in the sports world with extreme implications for Los Angeles development. First, we're happy to report that San Francisco has gone belly-up in its attempt to lure the Olympics of 2016. We know our northerly brothers are in a state of despair over the loss of their 49ers and now the loss of the Olympics. Ha, ha. Chicago remains LA's sole competition in the US, but has yet to identify how they'll finance their new stadium.

Also, as linked to on LAist last week and discussed ad nauseum on this site, rumors of David Beckham's imminent arrival to our shores continue to build. What this means for the housing market in Bel Air, we have yet to see. On Saturday, Major League Soccer instituted the "Beckham Rule" which allows teams to acquire players outside the league's salary cap, with the potential to bring on board big name foreign nationals.
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