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Pinkberry in WeHo Hanging by a Thread

After pissed off Huntley Drive residents in West Hollywood appealed to the City Council to have Pinkberry’s business license revoked, the City Council voted both to deny and uphold the appeal. Because people have been flocking to the store to hop on a trend we thought died in the 80s, traffic on Huntley has been mayhem. In both denying and upholding the appeal, the City Council imposed conditions on the frozen yogurt shop (via WeHo News):

The conditions listed in the commissions decision were 1) a change in hours, 2) change in location of queue line, 3) addition of security guard, 4) regular cleaning of litter on the street, 5) increase store’s trash pickup, 6) adding signage requesting the neighbor’s peace be respected, 7) submit a loading/unloading schedule, 8) return to commission in 60 days for update. With that, [Mayor John Heilman] gained council consensus to add another condition to the eight already made – that Pinkberry, the nearby businesses and residents and the city transportation and parking staff meet in a working group to come up with creative solutions to solving the traffic and parking problems still plaguing the street.

Pinkberry has responded by claiming that traffic at this store will decline as they recklessly expand and open stores everywhere. But one resident couldn’t care less about Pinkberry’s explanation (via WeHo News):Former city council member Steve Martin said in his public comments that, “I don’t care what they’re doing all over the world, I care about what they do here. Everyone knows that parking in West Hollywood is like oxygen, and Pinkberry is sucking all the oxygen out of the atmosphere.
· Pinkberry Appeal Both Denied & Upheld [WeHo News]