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Own Neutra's Office

Today is certainly a day for iconic real estate sales. A reader points us to the recent listing of Neutra’s office building in Silverlake. Not only was the building his office, but it was his design. What a revolutionary! Seriously, though, this is a piece of L.A. history since most of his L.A. buildings were probably dreamed up in this very office. Or maybe it’s just where his lackeys worked while he sketched on napkins in diners. Purchase of the Neutra office building gets you 2700 square feet in a open floor plan with two reception areas and two conference rooms, plus two residential rental units in the rear. The building is a protected City monument with the original built-ins and interior designs by Neutra still there. Retail price: $3.5 million.
· The Neutra Office Building [LoopNet]