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Breaking BataliWatch: We Have Liftoff!

[Image and Review by Flickr user josiahgordon]

From the bowels of corporate America, or maybe, like, a couple of editors in a small office in Hollywood, comes a mini-Mozza review, accompanied by pictures of the restaurant's first customer order:

I love your site! I commented before on Mozza but now have a bit more insight. My company had Mozza catered for lunch today (what they told us was their first ever customer order!). The pizza was very good, but getting 45 minute-old personal sized-pizzas is no way to review a place. As you might imagine, the pizzas were cold and greasy. Even so, they were much better than typical good-for-LA delivery pizza. The chopped Italian salad (sorry, no picture) with lemon fennel dressing was fantastic. The eggplant salad was also darn tasty, with no bitterness at all. My coworkers unanimously preferred the margherita pizza, with the salami and red pepper pizza a distant second.

More photographic evidence after the jump...