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An Ennis House Update

Here at Curbed LA, we feel it's our duty to match people with questions with their counterparts with answers. Today we do just that as we take a look at the Ennis House - Frank Lloyd Wright's 1924 Mayan inspired masterpiece in the sun soaked hills.

A reader queries: "Noticed some major restoration work going on at the Ennis House as I drove by it today. The South facing slope has been completely grated and the foundation shored up. Also, a new (bad) house is being constructed abutting the Southwest corner of the property. Any word on the plans?"

Our contact answers: "Going fine. Foundations are being installed right now and the new structural work will continue for the next couple of months. Starting in 2007 the new blocks should start being installed. The Los Angeles Magazine article this month had a nice shot of the work going on in the motor court area. The major earthwork is completed and the temporary shoring is complete as well. The house is getting a much needed new roof right now."

If anyone has additional info on the house going in next door, please let us know and we'll continue to share.
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