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Third Degree re: Park La Brea

While jogging up Fairfax each morning, we marvel at the anomaly that is Park La Brea. In a landscape dominated by single-family homes and small apartment buildings, PLB’s apartment towers contain 4,000 units in a Le Corbusier-inspired model of urban density. And while the grey towers may have once resembled Cabrini Green, a late-‘90s rehab spiffed the joint into an apartment village suitable for more than just Eastern Bloc expats.

But then, we spy the “90 Degree Turns. 180 Degrees Different” billboards, and everything goes awry. We spend the rest of the day asking: “what could this branding campaign possibly mean?” Like, unless our man Gehry is in the hizzy, 90 degree angles are standard. Common, even. So who cares? Are the ads meant to refer to the diagonal orientation of the streets and towers? If so, someone in marketing better get out their protractor: PLB is arranged at a 45 degree angle to the LA street grid.

Can someone please ‘splain? Anyone?
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