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McMansion Envy #026

This week we decided to take a look at one of the gems mentioned in the LA Times Hot Property column. After all, its not every day that a Saudi prince puts his home $10.8 million home on the market, at least not in Calabasas. Beverly Hills, maybe.

Prince Mohammed Al-Saud is selling his 12,000-square-foot, six-bedroom, seven-bath home in a gated community (natch), called the Estates.

How do Saudi princes like to kick it, Calabasas-style, when they're not taking long, romantic walks, hand-in-hand, with other world leaders? (and yes, we know that's not the same saudi prince, but we like to generalize about royalty).

Apparently they like large chandeliers, and plenty of them. They also like screening rooms with padded walls, stone and walnut floors, pools with a swim-up bar, and wine cellars, among other amenities.

After the jump, more pics of the prince's pleasure palace.