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Long(er) and Orange

[Graphic Credit: L.A. Times]

We missed the, er, bus on this one a few weeks ago, but for all of you Orange Line Lovers, there’s an extension in the future. This extension is not a shiny blonde but a nice citrus hue. After busses stopped running over pedestrians and cars (we rather miss the daily dose of Orange Line snafus), the Orange Line has amounted to quite a success by L.A. public transportation standards. Ridership has exceeded projections since it opened, carrying about 20,000 people daily.

MTA board members voted unanimously to extend the busway six miles. The planned Orange Line extension will run along Canoga Avenue from the Warner Center in Woodland Hills to the Metrolink station in Chatsworth. For those hundreds of people in Chatsworth who are chomping at the bit to get some O.L. action, they need to relax: the extension isn’t slated to be opened until 2012. Looks like more 405 fun for you!
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