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BataliWatch 06: We Have Signage!

Rumor has it that Batali's Mozza's is slowly creeping towards opening day: there's now signage on one side. Not a huge leap forward, but progress is progress. As one of our readers writes:

I know you hate it when there are no pics to go with a news item (driving and taking pics with my cell is not exactly a safe driving tactic, despite its popularity...) but I did spot an outgrowth and fresh coat of paint on the Highland side of Batali/Silverton enterprise: Mozza in yellow on a burnt orange/saffron colored awning. Craft paper and tape still up on the windows around the Melrose entrance. I pass it each morning, so will try to get a pic.Please do, because we're tired of throwing up Batali's crazy Fonzie impression every time we mention Mozza. First reader to get a pic, gets a free pizza. No, not really, but you do receive our deepest gratitude and your name in pixels. Isn't that enough?