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This Weekend's Perfect Storm of Traffic Hell

f you feel like your daily commute is sluggish during the week, you may be in for a frightening weekend. As the LA Times has kindfully pointed out, there is no corner of our fair city that doesn't have a sporting event, outdoor music concert or street festival going on. Football? Check - USC and UCLA both have home games. Baseball? Check - Mets vs. Dodgers playoffs head here. Hockey? Check - the Kings hockey season begins this weekend. Street Festivals? Check, Check and Check - downtown, Miracle Mile and Eagle Rock all have street festivals this weekend. In fact, downtown has two - Grand Ave Festival and the LA Weekly Detour concert, three if you count the Brewery Artwalk.

So what's a poor freeway-lovin' angeleno to do? Wear comfortable shoes and hit public transit. Those freeways will be f*cked.
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