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NFL May Ditch L.A.

Much like an ignored teen girl who can’t get the cute jock’s attention, the Coliseum Commission may soon give up hope that the NFL may bring a team to L.A. Negotiations have been ongoing for over three years, and at this rate, they are never going to get asked to the proverbial prom. NFL owners will meet in New Orleans in three weeks, and L.A.’s possible expansion will be at the top of their agenda. However, signals from the NFL indicate that they just aren’t into L.A. The Commission's patience is waning because they, too, are victims of the real estate price craziness (nice segue, huh?):

Coliseum Commission members said their patience is dwindling because the one-year extension of their lease with the state, which owns the land, expires at the end of the year. If an agreement is not reached, a formula based on real estate values in L.A. County is used to determine the rent, meaning their current rent of $50,000 for the Coliseum and $30,000 for the Sports Arena, is due to balloon to approximately $2.6 million.Instead, the Commission has turned its attention to the slightly fatter and slightly less cute jock: USC. While L.A. may not get an NFL expansion team, it may get an improved Coliseum in a public/private partnership deal with USC. Of course, if that really cute jock does come around, the backup prom date is afraid that he may be left alone at the punch bowl.
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