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Tear Downs and Remodels

A couple of things sparked our shutterbuggery yesterday. Whilst driving down Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills we noticed that the remodeling of the Aku Aku Motor Inn had begun. The Motor Inn, designed in that fabulously tacky tiki-style architecture popular during the period between Captain Cook's landing in Tahiti and the Brady Bunch episode in Hawaii, has succumbed to the California calling of faux-Mediterranean. The LottaLiving folks are wrecked over the loss of another piece of SoCal's architectural heritage, as are we.

Our second sighting came as we drove down Franklin Avenue in Hollywood, just west of Gower across from the 101 Cafe. We'd heard that the block of homes on the south side of Franklin had been rumored for demolition to make way for a mixed-use project or condos. It seems at least one of the homes has met its maker. Anyone know what's planned for the site?