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Curbed Spooktacular Misc.

(photo of "Jeffrey" and "Laura" by flickr user chokedamp)

Semi-Celebrity Watch: Our New York brothers report that Project Runway winner Jeffrey Sebelia, a.k.a. tattooed-neck guy, is packing up and leaving his Highland Park home for the Big Apple. Via Curbed: "His girlfriend has been subletting her Soho apartment for the better part of 10 years to live in L.A., but now the couple is booting the subletter and heading east. Says Sebelia: 'It’s, like, this $700 apartment. I don’t even remember what street it’s on.'"

Real Estate: Sweet Jeebus! The last thing we need is another show about super-rich assholes and their overcompensation for their lack of personality. So of course VH-1 is launching a new reality television show about expensive celebrity homes in LA and the agents, deals, and the cash involved. "This show taps into the universal appeal of driving by a fantastic house and wanting to ring the doorbell, go inside and ask how much it costs. Viewers will get to go inside some of the most luxurious homes and ask all the wrong questions," said Jeff Olde, SVP of VH1 Series Production and Programming. THE FABULOUS LIFE PRESENTS: REALLY RICH REAL ESTATE, premiers November 13. Check your listings!

Affordable Housing: On to more pressing matters, including Prop H, which voters will have a chance to cast their ballot for on November 7th. Martini Republic's Joe Mailander pens an Op-Ed in today's LA Times where he lists off the reasons he's not in support of the billion dollar affordable housing bond, such as: the cost, the inefficency, and those "politically connected developers and contractors." And please, could someone in the housing department get Joe some stats on the number of rental units in L.A. He really, really needs to know.