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Rumblings & Bumblings: & Things That Go Bumpity-Bump

We had several new questions pop-up and several questions that we had left alone for awhile and are only now getting to. But rest assured, just because we ignore your question for week after week doesn't mean we hate it or you. Why, we don't even know you. Please email your answers to these questions or submit a new question to us at Thank you.

1) Gutter: It's not a coincidence that we don't mention our brother site The Gutter very often. See, it's like this. The Gutter has a drinking problem. And he called our sister Eater a fatty at the last family to-do. He hasn't been heard from since. But thanks for caring. "Hey, I hope I'm not out of line asking about your seldom mentioned sibling, but would happen to know anything about what's going on at the Gutter? They've been MIA for over a month now without so much as a be seeing you. I hope your family ties will ease my passive intrique in what is probably nothing all that interesting. Thanks!"

2) Westchester: More drunk and/or drugged Tigers Lions causing mayhem? "There is a bunch of commotion going on at the historic Furama hotel (pictured above) in Westchester across from LMU! What's going on here, looks to be a large project taking place. Thanks!"

3) Downtown/Mid-Wilshire: We haven't heard this, but maybe a reader has. "I heard on am 570 last night (10/18) that Vince Vaughn bought a mil dollar loft in downtown LA on Wilshire. I think they probably ment mid wilshire and not downtown. Did you hear about that or do you know where to look to find out if this is true?"

4) Pico: This is another corner, like the Hauser/Wilshire disaster, that confuses many an individual with rumors and uncertainty. "Wondering if you know anything about the development coming in at Pico/San Vicente. Heard from a neighbor, who heard from Herb Wesson's office, that Lowe's was on the verge of signing and that LAUSD has let go of the property. But that was about two weeks ago. Have you heard anything? Love the sushi stand opposite the development though. Hope they are able to stay in business."

5) Hollywood: A number of sad lots in Hollywood. "What's up with the old Hollywood Tropicana on Western and La Mirada. Looks vacant and sad. Meanwhile, what about those vacant lots both next to it (on Fountain) and across the street at the 101 on ramp?"

Submit your answers before you go out tonight. See you in November.