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Other Ways to Spend Halloween

If you’re not from the I.E. or the Santa Clarita Valley, you may be looking for a way to spend your Halloween evening that does not involve Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood. Instead you may want to explore some of L.A.’s reputedly haunted places. It appears that many of these haunted places are schools where students have died, so we wonder if some of these urban legends arose out of some 10th grader’s daydreaming while in Geometry class.

For those of you with the little tykes, take a look at the Ultimate L.A. Trick or Treat Guide. But this isn’t all about getting the kids the best candy stash. For those of you parents who have a real sinister sense of humor, a few of these places (like the Black Dahlia crime scene) may actually scare the children while giving you a nice tour of L.A.
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