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The Grove Shops at Santa Anita Limps Forward

The Shops at Santa Anita have taken more shots to the knee than Nancy Kerrigan. Okay, that reference is a tad dated. But its a propos. Ã? Propos! The super-fantastic mega mall (a la The Grove) planned for Arcadia in the big ugly parking lot south of Santa Anita race track, keeps getting smaller and smaller as Arcadians and Westfield Corp. box in the development with multiple mitigation measures and even more stringent measures on this Fall's ballot. From the Star-News:

Westfield has spent just short of $2.5 million on Measures N and P, which would prevent [Rick] Caruso from getting any breaks from the city's stringent sign code or charging nonresidents for parking.
Measure N would prevent the developer from installing a variety of signs common to mall developments, such as a marquee for the movie theater or signs identifying retailers not visible from the street.

Measure P would prohibit Caruso's mall from charging for any parking but would not affect the EIR's findings, as paid parking wasn't factored into its study of traffic impact. Last week, Caruso's team released a "telephone-book-sized" EIR that outlined the smaller project and it potential impacts, along with the mitigations. Caruso vowed to carry on the fight to bring his lifestyle mall to the parking lot and another Banana Republic to the people.
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