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Rumblings & Bumblings: Wilshire, Ridgeley and Hauser

We got three question this week to brain-tease you with. Actually, we have two, since two of the questions are the same. Nonetheless, we expect three answers and now humbly await your emails. Email to See you on Thursday.

1) Fairfax: Ah, yes. We know this story well. A reader emailed us way back when about the closure of Town Tire. Not sure what's going there now. "I heard at Metroblogging that Town Tire Co. has closed. Any word on what's to become of the gorgeous building it once inhabited? (Beverly Blvd, across from the Pan Pacific Park)"

2) Miracle Mile: We're 99% positive we've discussed this before. Someone should be a hero and do a site search. "I'm wondering what's happening on the corner of Wilshire and Ridgeley? They're tearing down the former Sav-On building and there seems to be new activity on the giant hole in the ground that has been there forever between Ridgeley and Hauser. Last week they put up a new gate. Does anyone know what's planned?"

3) Miracle Mile: Wow. We've never had the same question asked twice in the same week. This is the exact same location as the question above, just asked differently by another reader. "What is going on at 8th and Hauser. There is two construction sites opposite each other on Hauser. One project is on the site of the scrapped retirement community tower. The other one is behind the highrise (formerly E! entertaiment building)."