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More Pinkberrys Not Solving Weho Congestion

[Image by flickr user Dave Cobb]

The Pinkberry explosion across LA (koreatown and melrose/la brea are now open for business) has done nothing to stop the mayhem on Huntley Drive in Weho. As Wehonews reports, the city council has sparked more anger by cancelling a public hearing than holding one on Pinkberry's appeal against a July ruling that established new regulations designed to reduce traffic and garbage.

Apparently, Pinkberry's lawyer couldn't make the meeting (he was too busy counting his gold bullion, screaming at his jr. associates, and spending his money on hookers and coke to attend). Pinkberry seems to think the more stores they open, the less the crowd at the first location, so perhaps the "postponement" is just a brilliant legal tactic. However, the postponement has only strengthened Huntley Drive's residents' resolve, who have vowed to never give up the battle. Unless, of course, Famima!! opens on that block and they have a new evil-bobo-retailer opening-too-fast-in-too-many-places to fight against.
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