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Many More Whole Foods Coming to LA...Soonish

[Image by Flickr user Celticman]

As carter points out on, LA is about to get a boatload of new Whole Foods stores opening up...well, we're not exactly sure when. While Foods seems to be on a mission to bring organically-grown produce and overpriced soyfoods to every corner of Southern Califirnia, most of the projected opening dates get no more specific than summer 2007, if they even have a target date. Leaving aside the opening date ambiguity, here are the SoCal stores opening nearish to you, sometime soonish:
Burbank - Alameda & S. Main
Venice - Lincoln & Rose
Tarzana - Ventura & Yolanda
Hollywood - Vine & Selma
Pasadena - the largest one at nearly 77,000 feet at Arroyo Pkwy & Bellevue
Oxnard - Ventura Fwy. and Oxnard Blvd.
Manhattan Beach - Rosecrans & Sepulveda
Plus a relocation of the Tustin store to Barranca & Jamboree.
Plus one that just states Los Angeles, but is no more specific (oh Whole Foods, we just love how coy you are. Come, sit closer to us and tell us a little more about Farming Organically in a Complex World. We love it when you talk sustainability to us).