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Mozza's First "Review" Already In

The PR machine at Mozza must really be working overtime. While rumors circulate on its actual opening date (oct 16th! no, the 24th! no, it's beginning of nov! - that last one comes from the architects, fyi), the still-not-quite-open pizzeria already has its first positive review. The Food Section caught this mention in Details' roundup of the best pizza in the US:

What do you get when you pair Nancy Silverton, one of the nation's greatest bakers, with Mario Batali, one of its best Italian chefs? Mozza Bar, the first excellent pizza in pie-starved Southern California (it opens October 24) [ed. note: Stop taunting us with dates]. Silverton spent a year perfecting the dough. Her breadlike crust is two inches high, but unlike that of Chicago deep-dish, it has a light, crisp exterior and a tender, moist interior.So one more mystery solved: don't expect new york-style thin crust. And don't expect to stay on your South Beach diet either.
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